Terraswap Liquidity Depth and Slippage: A Deep Dive

What is Slippage?

Figure 1: Terra Finder Output for High Slippage Transaction. Units are m x 10⁶.

Overview of Pools:

Figure 2: Percentage of Swaps with High Slippage by Pool on Terraswap
Figure 3: Depth of Liquidity (USD) by Pool on Terraswap

Impact of Transaction Sizes:

Figure 4: Average Transaction Size (USD) on Terraswap by Pool

Historic Analysis of LUNA-UST Pool:

Figure 5: Weekly percentage of transactions experiencing high slippage in LUNA-UST pool
Figure 6: LUNA-UST Pool Daily Liquidity (USD) since launch of Terraswap

Market Sentiment and Slippage:

Figure 7: Percentage of transactions with High Slippage in periods of varying Market Sentiment





Msc Data Science Science Student, Tsinghua University

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Alex Simpson

Alex Simpson

Msc Data Science Science Student, Tsinghua University

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