THORChain Data Digest: Impermanent Loss Protection in Practice

Overview of ILP:

Table of ILP Paid (Rune) by pool, since launch of MCCN

LPers are timing their withdrawals to avoid IL, and hence ILP:

ILP Paid (USD) and Number of Withdrawals, since launch of MCCN

Rune Price Crashes are the trigger for ILP spikes:

Rune Price (USD) with ILP Paid (USD), since launch of MCCN

Fear accelerates ILP Payouts:

ILP Paid (Rune) across different market sentiments

Explanation of Time Adjusted Columns:

At the time of writing MCCN has been launched for 85 days. All ILP payments are multiplied by the scalar 85/(day_ILP_Paid).

For example, an ILP payment paid today would be multiplied by 85/85 = 1. An ILP payment paid on the second day of MCCN launch, when max ILP is 2%, would be multiplied by 85/2 = 42.5. This allows us to better capture the true effects of greed and fear on ILP Payments.




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