THORChain Data Digest: Pool Depths and Composition of Liquidity

1.1 Pool Depth Overview: Liquidity and Unique Deposits

Figure 1: Table of Pool Depth, Count of Unique LPs and Average Deposit Size for all THORChain Pools

2.1 LPs are observant, and evolve their LP strategies over time:

Figure 2: USDT Net Liquidity Changes since launch of MCCN
Figure 3: USDT Fee Revenues since launch of MCCN
Figure 4: Net Liquidity added before and after June 18th for active pools
Figure 5: Total Value Pooled (Rune) across all pools, since launch of MCCN

3.1 Zooming in on the latest Caps Raise:

Figure 6: Breakdown of Liquidity added in 2nd July Raise of Caps




Msc Data Science Science Student, Tsinghua University

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Alex Simpson

Alex Simpson

Msc Data Science Science Student, Tsinghua University

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