THORSTARTER 101: What is Thorstarter?

Thorstarter as an IDO platform:

A key use-case of Thorstarter is to act as an IDO platform for new projects. IDO stands for Initial Decentralised Exchange (DEX) Offering. If you are familiar with IPOs from traditional finance, or ICOs in crypto, then an IDO is similar to these. It is the initial offering of a token to retail investors, in the same way that an IPO is the initial offering of shares of a company to the public.

Valhalla Venture DAO:

Thorstarter’s second key role is as a Venture DAO. This functions like a decentralised VC firm, funding the best up-and-coming THORfi and DeFi projects.




Msc Data Science Science Student, Tsinghua University

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Alex Simpson

Alex Simpson

Msc Data Science Science Student, Tsinghua University

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