XRUNE is the settlement currency between new projects and THORChain’s active pools. It powers the next generation of THORfi.

Short and Long Tail of Crypto:

XRUNE acts as a settlement currency between the long-tail of crypto and THORChain’s multi-chain liquidity.

Liquidity Relay:

XRUNE and its role in IDOs:

An IDO is an initial DEX offering. This is when a new token launches on a decentralised exchange like Sushi Swap. XRUNE is your key to participation, granting early access to exciting THORfi and Defi projects.


XRUNE has a total supply of 1 billion. 50% of this was made available on genesis, and the other 50% is vesting over several years. A detailed breakdown of this is shown in the table below.

How to purchase XRUNE:

XRUNE can currently be purchased on Sushi Swap. Once Thorchain restarts ERC-20 chains, it will be available here too.

Sushi Swap

To purchase on Sushi Swap, you will want to load some ETH into a Meta Mask or similar Sushi compatible wallet, and go to


Hopefully THORChain will have ERC-20s back up and running in October/November 2021. Then you can purchase XRUNE using all the multi-chain assets listed on THORChain.




Msc Data Science Science Student, Tsinghua University

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Alex Simpson

Alex Simpson

Msc Data Science Science Student, Tsinghua University

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